no I can’t, But God says I love you

Lord, I give up. 

I took off the other post, because I felt I wrote out of anger.

I chose to take it off. 

It’s you God I trust, there’s nothing better than You. 

I’ve let go of my anger and Lord you know what I said to you. Lord I trust you for all that is to come. Father, its yours. It’s a journey I got to go thru. To finish the work in me. Let it be so. The refiner’s test. I will take it. I will be purified thru you. Painful but Lord it will be good. Thank you God. 

I choose to say I’m Sorry ms sherry leo. I dont care what you have all said, but I love you, just as what God says to love you. That’s it. Enough. That’s what God is about, and I say it to you. Even if you think I dont love you or the whole family we dont love you. I really dont think so. We all love one another. It’s just that we dont express it. Whatever it is, you can choose to do what you want. I’ve done what I’m to do.


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