getting tougher

It’s quite dumb to quarrel with my sister.. Actually it’s just dumb. 

Say what she likes, because I wont say that I’m not in the wrong. To have knocked her head because she said something that’s incorrect with facts.. and facts about mcd delivery

Yes, I am in the wrong. Whatever she says, she wins alright. She’ll be happy in any case. 

If I live for money, what’s life?

I wont put her on disgrace here, though i know I’m capable of doing and is in the mind of doing it. 

But all to naught, that’s not what Jesus wants.

Things i want to clarify..

And I’m telling you. I’m busy and I’m not looking for a job, I’m doing my illustrations and paintings. Things that God want me to paint, I will paint. Not that you think I’m a bummer. I have a lot to read up on about design. It’s not that easy like the world thinks. That’s not design. Staying at home not working. I just dont understand, why is MONEY that important.. isn’t Life more important than that. Maybe that’s what a 16 year old will think. But I’ve gotten out of that age. Seriously, from a mcds delivery to about working in the holidays. Isn’t it amusing some times, but that’s life… 

Well, I didn’t go Lasalle to make my parents poor or what. I’m getting the CPF thing. So no problem with money, so things i want to clarify. Secondly, I didn’t go lasalle to make my family in some financial crisis. I prayed and God answered, I got in. There’s a whole long line of students waiting to go into COMM D. Designing like Paul Rand said, I didn’t choose. God chose. Think about it.. I wasted 3 years doing a business studies, if it wasn’t God, would I? I would have been somewhere in the world doing missions.. I told my parents, if I’m not studying i’m going to the field. I have no problem quitting school now to go missions. Really, I guess, that’s the best place I could be. Sometimes, things from one perspective just doesn’t see the whole picture. I find no point in hurting my sister or correcting everything she said wrong. Because she doesn’t know. So, I find it a meaningless thing to do, to have a blog war everyone would call. She’s still my sister. I wished I was a spoilt brat, but I know I’m not. Everyone may not understand me, but there’s someone who does, that’s God. 

I’m hanging on. I never thought design school is easy, but not knowing it would be that tough. But it just makes me stronger, in my faith i guess. I’m God’s child, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry people. I will stand up. I will shine and soar where God placed me, i’ll put my heart and soul to it, since I’ve been placed there. I dont want to regret in all I do in school. That’s all. Because it ain’t worth it just because of what people say and do. They just dont get it do they?

Whatever it is, i’ve said my piece. I am not bothered with whose wrong whose right. Because I know God sees. And whatever it is, sherry leo i heard your alarm and I didn’t off it.This is what I want to clarify. I continued sleeping. I’m too lazy to get up to off it. I knew what you were going to do anyway. Because I know you too well. I’m not that childish as you think I am. Because you don’t know me and maybe even yourself. And I know when all your alarm rang.. one at 7 then at 8 … I’m already half awake already. And i wouldn’t touch your things after i being so pissed with you..  the alarm of the kid laughing and i didn’t off it. it rang rang and it stopped. Not that itchy hands to go off it when i’m still in dreamland… 

all these just makes me think life is just so interesting….

John 6:35 (NLT)

Then Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.’ 

Whatever it is, my focus is to be on God, not in this world. Missions too, not even family. Money Money, why are you important ? When all else fades, no more trees no more food, all that’s left is money. Will you be happy? I’m really thinking and thinking… thedumbdumb is thinking again.. 

And open declaration, this is not a blog war with my sister. it’s a journey a part of life which is getting tougher only. 




2 thoughts on “getting tougher

  1. Oh hi! says:

    It’s the 21st century, sweetheart. Get on with the times. Religion is a hoax.

  2. samsam says:

    but not to me. Jesus been too real to me.

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