I’m home alone tonight (: granny is asleep, house is empty, it feels good though (:

I’ve never stop thinking, i think too much maybe, I’m in a transiting season of my life, it doesn’t sound great, there’s a lot I hope to do, but I just dont want to move on … But I guess, it’s time to get out of this shelter and let God take me where He wants to. I don’t know really know why this way, but I’m sure He knows and had me in His plans already.. that’s no doubt.

Secondly, Holidays been fantastic, catching up with TV, packing my room. utterly cleared up, thank you sherry, my dear sister for tolerating me packing in the middle night and doing art in the midst of packing. I’m sure I have a fantastic holiday(: I’ll take photos my tidied room soon and some things i’ve been doing in school. I’ll be busy, though it’s my holidays, i’ve got new things to do. I’m quite excited about it.. 

That’s Painting (: 2 paintings, God brought to mind, i need to start doing the sketches, paint paint and more paint. And get a large canvas and paint I guess, seriously, I dont see myself doing anything besides art… at the sound of art i respond, once i hear contemporary art on  tv, i’ll be there sitting listening to all the stories of these artists. So I’m really busy this holidays! But i’m sms away to hang out too! I dont want to  be not going out seriously… (: 

i’m a lil’ bored tonight but tv been entertaining for the first part of the night(:


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