we are on a journey



the storybook traveller

the storybook traveller


The Books traveller 

The Lady traveller

The old traveller who flies


The traveller with the bird cage



These are some photos from Matt Sartain. Let’s do some explanation here.. He did this set of photos with this heart to potray weird travelers on a journey. Why it touched my heart, it’s because I love the meaning this, the title for these photos is We Are On A Journey. Isnt it so true. Everyone of us, is born in this world we all have a journey to walk, a journey to travel, a journey to finish. I guess, this set of photos just set a place in my heart and I hope i can buy these photos. Because, I see myself as one of those, who travels like what are in these photos. All the time, I feel out of place in this journey, maybe it’s because no one understands my very own journey, the way that I am now. Looking at the art work these 2 days, it’s time to put my heart and soul into it. I put in my heart, but I need to put in a soul. The things deemed impossible to do, is not within yourself. God does the impossible, and He is capable to bring me thru. I’ve thought a lot, an artist can’t be someone who looks for solution. But someone who faces a problem and find the solution and build it. I’m learning a lot thru this journey of art with God. It’s not that easy, but just dont take art as if it’s something you understand. Because, you dont trust me, we dont till we hear what the artist says what it meant. Art is a story of their lives. Well, i’ve learnt, to make a design or art piece that touches come from your heart and soul and that it impacts and touches, it’s not squashed thru the constraint of time, that’s no excuse. Another journey of learning…..  but a side point, samsam is going to learn to love to drink coffee… maybe not hot chocolate of starbucks… (: 

bounced off (: 

starbucks anybody?


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