extraordinary lives

extraordinary life or a life of your dreams?

I choose an extraordinary life.

Why extraordinary you are asking, why not my dreams.. 

dreams to be a fantastic designer, dreams to be a designer living and working in another country.

Hoping to have a normal and ordinary life..

This tv show, opened my eyes.. 

They are ordinary people who lived the extraordinary lives

I give them all my respects and salute them.. 

The love of missions, but besides going, I’ve learnt something bigger that’s discipleship… missions is more than going all these while, but yet discipleship is smth i’m afraid of.. 

But Jesus loved the afflicted.. He loved me, he loved the drug addicts, he loved the prisoners, he loved those who were sick, he loved all that who are cast away, he never turn any of them away.

I dont know what I’ll do with my life, i want to be what God just want me to be. Be it just like this man, who sold food at the hawker, teaching the ex drug convicts,  disciple them, shared God’s love with them, bible study at 11pm after the stall closes, and the drug convicts have a new life, coming out to open restaurants and stuff.. But that’s just it… I need to open my life and my heart to be like this person.. I know deep in my heart missions is what I want to do, but I’m not sure if that’s really missions mission. I guess it may be like the guy some sort, i really dont know, there’s no secular missionary, there’s only missionary. Whatever you maybe doing, that is for the Kingdom of God that’s missions i guess. 

Outreach ministries, aren’t they missions too? Big big thoughts tonight, we’ll see if I’ll sleep tonight…

I need to think about my life, somehow I almost lost a lot of things maybe it is design, maybe it’s me. I dont be not doing something for the afflicted and the poor and the sick.. well, maybe it’s my burden for a group of people? But all i know is, I’ve woken up once more! I dont want to do design for my own glory for being a great designer to be recognized to be owning great money … 

‘ a life for jesus ‘ – quoted from julian

I think it’s time to get me up and moving, skatepark skatepark, it’s a place….  time to really think more … 

Alright, many thoughts tonight.. secondly, I’M UTTERLY BORED at HOME! I first didn’t have life because of my design projects, when they are done.. I just can’t get to sleep. When I had them, I longed to sleep. I kind of feel really lost without it too.. But I guess hmm that’s just me…. i just dont believe it, i’m too alive to sleep….



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