living a l i f e

Sometimes, in life, there’s much hurts…. 

I dont doubt it at all, but I simply feel so helpless…

Probably, I should think I can’t help but I can be there for the friend who needed help..

Getting hurt and hurting yourself or trying to vent it out is quite dumb though it helps…

But it hurt only deeper.. really.. 

Whenever, I’m in deep hurt, i will use art to vent it out.. and it’s something i love. Venting it out, i don’t know if it’s good or bad.. but I get more hurt when i do it. But there’s a window to let it out..

Miracle friend, I dont know if you will see this post, but i’m returning words to you when you said to me, when i broke down.. I’m here to listen if you need someone to talk to, and God is only a prayer away. Secondly, I know how it feels to hurt yourself with something that you love.. using it as a way of release or because of your hurts… it hurts a lot when i see you do that. Simply because, it totally hurt me when i did just what you are doing now..

when will this w o r l d or this L I  F E be OK?

maybe it never will. But we never know.. 

step by step maybe that’s what it takes..


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