you have turned my mourning into dancing

Psalms 30:11

You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy …

This is my day and the day for me! It’s like I was literally dancing with the tambourine.. I enjoyed worshipping in joy and rejoicing. It’s been so long this joy was taken away, school is stressful, what to do that’s a fact, no doubt… more stuff to come, submission in 2 weeks, portfolio not even started.. 2 more projects to finish.. PRAY PRAY PRAY..

On top of all this, something to give thanks for, my illustration teacher who is a bit cranky sometimes, she said my work was well done! I was like YES YES YES! guess, I did really really simple stuff but yet, it looks really good, and she likes it! Poof! I was the happiest student of the day, because all my friends got their critics, mine just my alignment minor problem… but she laid a bomb at the end of the lesson. Well, i thought yes, I’m over with this project.. done and I’m not touching it anymore and no more! But she said this! I want to see your touch up of your 5 A3 size artwork next week! WOW. we all were stunned the whole class we looked at each other into the eyes and we know what we are saying in our hearts… Like CRAP! what next week! we just finished this you want that !!! So yeaa… But it’s ok! chill, get a life. It’s a terrible thing… But yeaaa, so I am finally enjoying school but obviously I still complain because of the heavy and crazy workload and ideas I try to execute, mine is so much easier than some of my friends, some of them have really crazy ideas which spend like hours… But being a lazy designer who wants it to look really good but yet done in the easiest way… /: sounds bad enough. I’m not that lazy but I’m just not that good in being so so so detailed.. Honestly (: learning.. anyway, here’s some photo from my 1st roll of vivitar… 


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