I went to skatepark to shoot, I really dont mind going there and be a skateboard photographer…  I was so stressed after class and headed there by FAITH… It was going to rain, I held on to God and believed God loves me and he won’t let the rain come.. So it didn’t rain, it was real hot after that.. And I met a bunch of skateboarders, I talked to them, they are friendly and nice. I was once like them, rebellious and probably could have been a delinquent if God didn’t find me… I guess, i have a compassion and have a deep feel for them. Because of my background and history, and the skatepark is like home.. It took all my stress away… I really enjoy my time there.. be it sit there and take photos or do my CPJ, or sketching.. I think I can really sit there and be happy.. Weird, that’s me… Well, I’ve been thru quite a bit these weeks.. All the crap and start of a new life in school, fear of course, crap in school, no doubt about it. meeting deadlines all the more it is… But does that affect my walk with God? Yes, obviously… But I’m not giving in to it, I need to find that stability, I need to learn to balance my schoolwork with my spiritual walk, with ministry and even cell grp.. I think i stop turning in circles but yet I have stop at where I am.. Now, I got to move on… I’ve seen a world where everyone have not stop and look at the world, i’ve seen the world as somewhere lacking of love. Where there’s a God in heaven who nv stop pouring love, but yet they don’t see… I don’t know, but i know it’s tough being a child of God standing for my Faith in Him. It’s tough. Hang on People who are struggling, it’s not just you (: we all are ! Be Encouraged! Persevere through such times and look towards God for hope and strength (:

Psalms 73:25

Whom have I in heaven but you? 

       And earth has nothing I desire besides you.

That’s a verse that rang in my head this morning, i should have read it out.. But I didnt… /:


2 thoughts on “skatepark

  1. Grace says:

    Hey samantha, the pictures are looking great! :) Your personal sharing is v encouraging!

    Exodus 33:14
    And the Lord said, “MY presence will go with you, and i will give you rest.”


  2. samsam says:

    thank you grace (:

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