The Lord is NEAR

Now That You’re Near

I stand before You Lord
and give you all my praise
Your love is all that I need
Jesus you’re all I need

My life belongs to You
You gave Your life for me
Your grace is all that I need
Jesus You’re all I need

Hold me in Your arms
never let me go
I want spend eternity with You..

Now that You’re near…
Everything is different
Everythin’s so different now
I know I’m not the same
my life you’ve changed
I want to be with you
I want to be with you

I will sing for you always
’cause in Your presence Lord
is where I want to stay always 

Honestly, it’s been a new season in my life, and I’m feeling all messed up. BUT, God is GOOD all the time! I found myself losing spiritual fervor for the Lord; it suddenly all disappeared because of schoolwork. I lost even the passion in knowing God and wanting more.. And I don’t know why or how it came to be.. All that I did was to ask, Lord can I have it back, can I have the spiritual fervor of loving the Lord and having passion in His ministry once again. God just did it again. I found it, not that I don’t love God or what; it’s just the flame or oil running low. I really love what I’m doing in school; though I complain a lot. Because there’s really a lot to do. I was telling my cell mates; if I’m offered masters I’ll take it up.. Not for the sick of getting a MASTERS, but rather enjoy what I love, only if that’s granted by God. Sometimes, I wonder how do people actually work for something they have no passion or love in. Just for the sake of money and finances. If you don’t love what you do, I really don’t understand how that can be possible. That’s why I chose the change to design. Even though I’m in Year1 instead of doing Foundation year in Lasalle. I kind of still feel I miss out a lot on things I didn’t learn in foundation, because I got the opportunity to waive it. They did so much stuff.. But I guess; there must be a reason also how God granted me to be in Year 1. I enjoy what I do. though school is coming back to me; and haunting my nights doing research… I really love it. Fun! I just discovered the world of FLIMS. Different films create different effects through cross processing; now I’m back to using Film cameras…  I’m discovering all kinds of stuff.. DISCOVERY… Painting on newspaper… Scratching the paint… craving the paint… Next thing to find out! POP UPs and Silkscreen Printing… Whatever to do with Print! Old fashion Printing.. Typography and the typographers history.. I’m really happy doing all these… I wonder.. But still, I’ve not discovered how to use this gift for the Lord still… searching…  At least for this time, I know I have to be a light for God in my school, in class. To shine, who Jesus is. To encourage fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in this journey with God. Praying for my friends. That’s what current mission is. Well, my passion for missions is renewed once again. (: Happy; I know I’m called to the mission field. But it’s a fear for me… I worry about my family; but the Lord says to follow Him, you got to put Him first. That’s true.. It’s hard. But will I still do it. I will still do it because of the Lord. Nowadays, I’m really careful with my words; I am doubting what I say. Do I really do as I say… Well, I’m really glad today no matter what! F1 was cool though Massa lost. Alonso won… Ok. But it was sad, and Massa kind of cause a car to crash.. sorry can’t help… it’s the F1 fever… :D


One thought on “The Lord is NEAR

  1. Jesus Christ says:

    Paul, called to be an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and our brother Sosthenes, 2. Jesus Christ

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