deadlines over


this week spells deadline for all comm D students for critic review. So finished up what we’ve been doing in school. 

1. Photography project – 6 photos

2. Integrated Comm- the Spiral paper model and the 2 portfolio pages

3. Illustration (my nightmare) – but I finished.. 5 pieces of A3 and all the over 60 sketches… -.- ( i totally finished 2 and a half sketchbooks) just for this. it’s only been one and a half month in school. 

4. Graphic Comm – the project I’m so happy with; handmade magazine without the computer, just standing at the photocopier and binding the book with needle and thread. just quite sad with the cutting of the pages…

5. CPJ – my journal; i’m quite happy with it ; it’s something I love most!


So, yes it’s all that I did this week, rushing and literally; sleeping is a privilege. like last night; i totally slept so much. but it was good (: the picture above is somewhere where our class went out for a photo shoot. There are so much to do… I still have stuff to do; though i have a week of break. doesn’t mean I’m so free. I’ve still got some sketches to finish up… and touching up of my art work :/  Anyway. on a lighter note; there’s singapore biennale in city hall; I think I’ll go with my classmates (: yupp. I really wanted to give up design at first; when the workload seemed impossible to finish; but there’s nothing called impossible to all the design students; we just have to finish it…. well, some teachers really think we are superheroes …. But Thank you Daddy God, He helped me and I finished all my work (:  when i’m more free will post up some of my work…


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