I’ve met a life I never knew…


Critique Review in 2 weeks, much more to be DONE. I’ve never been an owl in doing work. I’ve found that the night become a precious time. Our senior we call him weiwei, we were just chatting about SLEEP. Most design students sleep 4 to 5 hours a day. when dateline comes woah… 1 – 2 hours a day. WOW. amazing. Now I’m adapting into it. Not that I have a choice, because that is a fact, no matter what you can’t finish your work if you don’t spend time doing them.. because they aren’t little and it’s a lot… I PROMISE that I will BE DISCIPLINED… NO more Playing or Slacking around :S… 

Well, I always say art students are weird, I really don’t think they are weird anymore. They’re stress and emotions is controlled by the workload and time. We are people who are much more emotional so yup. They are not weird I assure you. Stress on us, is crazy unbelievable… 3 years, I don’t even know I can survive. tough but it’s a heartbeat of mine. Less time with friends and all, I don’t really know how I’m feeling but I can only say it’s the FATHER’s work. Not mine, it’s beyond me… Alright gotta go. Just wanted to unwind. And WHINE in here for a moment. 

a blog is a window to vent.. Here’s samsam coming out of the window shouting out loud. HEH. 

A smile is all it takes to take the GLOOMY feelings away….


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