a designer’s pencil case

just a thought.

What’s in a  designer’s pencil case ?

I’ve got 2 of them.

In one of them, lies drawing pens, pencils, eraser, ruler and normal black and blue pens.

In the other, some things designer can’t live without /:

Pen Knife ; it sounds I’m dangerous

Glue Stick and UHU tube glue

Blu Tack

Box of drawing pencils

Masking tape, Scotch Tape, double sided tape ( that’s almost all the tapes)


Lastly, with all these, there’s ONE more thing that’s needed that’s PAPER! 

That’s a true fact, just like ONLY ONE thing in necessary, just to sit at Jesus feet and listen. Just a morning, reminded of Jesus who loved me so much. Though, it’s stupid sometimes, when I do stuff that is just dumb. But yet you know HE cares and LOOKS at you all the time, just to make sure I go to bed… Just  to ease all my worries and fears. That’s only Jesus and my Father in Heaven will do. (:

Schoolwork; don’t worry. Many been concerned, even myself. But with God’s grace. I’ll do it well. I’m samsam the little SUNSHINE girl. When it’s rain, just give it a smile and everything will be alright.. At least my heart is brightens with joy and it becomes like sunshine. Staying Happy, seems really hard in this world. Everyday on the train, people just sulk and give terrible faces. Why Why Why…. GOTTA run to school. 

see you!


One thought on “a designer’s pencil case

  1. Alyssa says:

    Totally by coincidence on our blog we offered as our monthly sample challenge, a metal pencil box and a Twist & Glue sample. I was totally shocked when I got your post as a google alert and you had done this project and obviously had never known this is what we were doing. Check out the UHU Blog at http://www.GlueWithUHU.com.

    Blog Manager

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