Design is NOT EVERYTHING, but DESIGN is a part of EVERYTHING

This make much sense than Design is Everything. Stupid debate. But it’s interesting I guess. Sense the primitive times; the drawings in the caves are a part of design. School is still alright. Work Piles, I can’t be bothered, like REAL.. HAHAH. I am not really bothered with work piling because it’s a fact that it will only pile but I’m working on all my homework. Had a good time with sinyi at STARBUCKS yesterday night at One Fullerton, it was good. Spending time with God and worshipping, brought my guitar along, just enjoying. Thanks Girl! He is indeed FAITHFUL in all He does, ever since years ago His promise to me about design school. Didn’t expect so much stuff to do in school. I’m learning to accept this statement.

Designers will never have ENOUGH SLEEP.

Hard to accept, yes learning and adapting to this… Sometimes, deadlines are one of the worst things ever.. I’ve been sketching and sketching and sketching the past few days. I’ll be an owl soon enough! To watch the Night. I’ve chosen design, I’ll never say die… It’s a season to be stretched. Just got to chill and don’t worry and do my work with discipline… Well I finish whatever I was to do last week, except for the V&P stuff. I shall do a list what’s for this week

1. ZINE (3 copies) – 40 pages 

2. Integrated Comm- Reinterpretation; Plot of Graph, work on CUTTING the Spiral

3. Development of Photomontage; redo A3 again

4. Development of Rhythm and Movement and A3 artwork

5. 8 more sketches of the Princess and the pea

6. V&P (1 more sketch and 1 text drawing)

7. Photography Indemnity Form; for Sentosa

8. Photography Project;



I’m sure I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. His grace is sufficient for me and you. Hang in there! Call upon God, He’ll come right by your side..

I’m beginning to like design life, though it’s so busy. time spent in studios, cutting talking to my friends popping around disturbing ppl and others disturb you. It’s fun. Love studio times, we just go where we like to do what we have to do. Go to the library to research, go and Photocopy spending time at our best hangout called ART Friend.. But on top of all these; developed bad habits, eating when doing work… These days lost of appetite of food. I don’t know why…. don’t know when to stop doing work… I can just keep thinking about schoolwork… Which I learnt yesterday; you just need to take time out for yourself to chill.. Like it or not. you need time out!


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