Salt and Light

Salt and Light 


We are salt of the Earth

A Light to the world

That All will shine

For Jesus

That the world may know 

He is God



How great His Love

How great it is

His death on the cross

Reconciled man to God



Jesus is the one who cares

He deliver me from my fears

That all the world may know and all will see

He is real in our lives (my life)



Jesus is love, Jesus is love

He cares for me, He cares for me

He is the one, He is the one

He is the one, the one that I love!


Daddy God, just gave me this song last night; 2 hours,, But it meant a lot to me; of course this song I want to give it to 3 of my closest friends. They have been a part of my life; growing up and all… So they are, Sarah Phua, Sharon Lee and Sinyi! Well it’s written, with Matt 5: 13-16 , was memorizing and meditating upon it and God just gave me the words; though it really got me frustrated that I forget the Chorus but God just gave a new Chorus probably He wanted it that way (: Well, it’s really tiring but was good. Holy Spirit is amazing. I was really tired trying to lie on the bed to rest; then God put this friend name in my head; I was like I’ve not talk to this person for 2 years; not close at all. Then God said send him Jesus loves you! and I did! And asked if anything I could pray for; and his reply was amazing. It started with a Wow! then Amazing, and yupp. God wants to use us to reach the people who needs Him, people who are hungry and who are hurting inside; Are you willing to let Him use you? Open your ears and heart to God; He uses anyone.. Take Care!


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