30 Hour Famine Camp




30 hours without food, hungry hungry hungry! 

Being the Camp Faci for the tribe DOGON! that’s my tribe above(:

Fantastic campers from YJC! All of you ROCK!

I felt really relieve, that it is over (: Running around with them! I’ve never stopped running from 2 to 7 p.m

for real… with them, non stop… But they are the most fantastic! I will not forget how the girls tried to poket the plasitc bag to seive out clean water from a bag of dirty water… It’s unbelievable…  We just scream and scream laugh and laugh.. the water took so long to be sieved out and water just came out of everywhere because we simply poke too many holes… funny! Loads of fun and laughter but certainly times of reflection… 

Through the game age of civilization was the best game, it woke me up and probably many others who went for the camp… the basic tasks they had to do, like copying lines, separating   the different colour beans and putting it on paper, as an act of allowing them to know how ppl sow seeds and those places where education is scarce.. Folding stars, an experience like this is what they do in the poor countries. Singapore is really blessed! Certainly, it woke me up when it comes to sieve water from dirty water.. Just for this, they have to sieve it out to drink, it’s hard! it takes really long… 

2 more major lessons I learnt about CLIMATE CHANGE and HIV and AIDS

Tell me about it, the game taught us well, one of the station, those with HIV aids (part of the game) they cannot participate in one of the stations, because of discrimination, there was this camper whose 2 team members unfortunately have aids and so can’t play in the station, the camper said ” What! This is discrimination!” wasted if it was caught on video, that’s so great! Seriously, discrimination do exist! But I’m aware of this issue now (: One issue saddens me so much, is that when Sept 11th happened, the deaths of the ppl is 3,000 or more, but the no. of aids patients dying around the world is more than that…. 8,000 ? It’s so much more… But were they remembered.. I can say, I don’t even know about this! We’ve learnt much about MOTHER EARTH as well….

But all these are lessons for me, another most impt thing, is God developing me, I am so blur at everything.. But I’ve learnt not to… Leading the team, does not allow me to be a muddlehead… so I became a detailed and organized person… I am for once clear what to do, where to go, go forth when I know there’s a need, I didn’t get lost during newspaper collection! that’s amazing, for real my tribe seems like all of them are like me don’t know how to go and where to go… so I’m really thankful I’m so clear headed, i can just bring them to where I need to get them to… Funny Tribe, active tribe! The guys just played basketball all time when they are free.. I wonder where their energy came from… 

But it’s been GREAT!

*Sunday Worship was great! 10% -15% who went for worship were Christians the rest are not.. Believe it or not! So they kind of hear who God is… Praise be to God!



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