a wondering mind

These days, I seem to not know what to write any more….

Oh well.. It’s part of a season of life… On a lighter note, I’m disappearing for 2 days from my house..

I’m going for 30 hour famine camp! I’m happy, because I’m going to experience something I have never done before.. I guess, it’s going to be fun. But on top of that, I guess daddy God has a reason for me there.. I’m leading a team for the camp. But it’s good, it seems to be God training and preparing me for my life, a greater purpose, which I not yet see.. Well, even when nobody cares, yet I know Jesus puts me first in his life.. That’s how He loves me and His children..  A calling, that I left me confused and lost for days, thinking, what it is, how can I do it…. It still confuses me.. I pray that God will teach me what to do, at such a time as this.. Through the camp, through the next week..

A labyrinth

I’m lost in a labyrinth

Mazes after mazes

I do not know where I am

God is sovereign

Wherever I am, whatever I have

God have your way in me

Here I am, Send me


* I’ll be back, just a little confused this week!




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