Heart Headed Home

” She knows the day is coming. Every opening of the gate jumps her heart. Any day now her father will appear. He promised He’d be back. He came once to claim her. He’ll come again to carry her home. Till then she lives with a Heart Headed Home.” 

( abstract of Come Thirsty by Max Lucado )

I was thinking about this chunk of words, it’s been really long I’ve always been thinking about the heavenly home, often I want to go back to where I’m suppose to be, but yet, it’s just not time, it kept coming back to me, sometimes this came as negative thoughts, of death even.. But this time, I know the Lord is saying and have always been saying, I don’t belong to this place, I don’t belong to this world, I belong to somewhere greater with daddy God. All I have to do is to have a heart headed home. that’s more than enough.

This period of time certainly is really hard for me, silence of God, the nothingness, sometimes I probably do not know how to enjoy doing nothing or stuff like that. But yet, God is teaching me about enjoying the nothing to do days, just waiting upon God, I thank God for each morning I had to climb the long flight of stairs to walk past the garden each morning before reaching the workplace. It’s lifts up my soul.. I guess I really dread this season, I have lost all my joy! Daddy God,  will you give me that joy once again just like Paul said rejoice! May I rejoice and be joyful in doing what I do daily, even the kids test my patience even my granny breaks my patience, somehow, my patience is being tested, it’s really hard Lord, but Father you know what I need and what needs to be done. Lord have your way in me… 


Have a heart headed home people!




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