I’m like an owl these days staying up late,

just surfing through design sites.. 

It’s a dream 7 years ago, it still is.. 

But I feel inadequate, it’s something I love so much..

But well, I’m thinking too much for real….. 

God has been very loving these days, though silent when I ask him stuff, but all the little things that popped out here and there just makes me feel really loved and taken care by Him.. He didn’t rebuke me or scold me.. Because that’s how gentle God is, certainly, my christian walk seemed to come to a standstill, but I told God no matter what at ALL COST you must bring me back to you. He sure did… Here’s smth for you who’s struggling with your walk with God, He’s with you no matter how no matter what, call out to him and come to him.. He will come to you (:


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