I’m home, if you didn’t know

 I’m home since 26th march if you didn’t know. It’s great:)  The picture shows us doing masks on the last day before we departed.. yupp.. All of them have been a great blessing to me. Well, I certainly hope none of them knows my blog and they wont see what I uploaded. They will whack me for sure.. Oh well.. more pictures are coming alright :) God has been very real to each one of us, through the things we went thru, no doubt. As for me, there’s a lot of things God has challenged me, what truly is Love, unconditional love and sacrificial Love. Learnt a lot… that’s for now, to let you know I’m home if you didn’t know :) and I’m alive.. I promise more photos.. I’m just picky on the photos… editing them every way possible to make it look alright (:  if you really want to see photos then check my flickr :) 


One thought on “I’m home, if you didn’t know

  1. SinYi says:

    haha, super unglam!

    anw, it was great catching up with you…thank you for being the precious friend, looking forward to more as we journey on. love!

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