I’ve got heaven on the inside of me

Psalms 84:12O Lord Almighty, Blessed are those who trust in the Lord Indeed.. I thank God i finished raising support. I had 500 dollars to raise on sunday, A.linda passed a hundred and a.deena at the end of commissioning gave me 50 and where did the rest come from.. It came from a team mate’s friend. I cant believe it, i can say when you trust and have faith in him. Anything you never imagine he will do it. After the retreat during the weekend this song sings in my heart I’ve got heaven on the inside of mePeace and Joy, God has set me freeHeaven is a reality, Abundant Joy flows out of meI’ve got a smile on my face, a glide in my strideI’m tasting his grace and I’m walking by FaithI’ve got heaven on the inside, I’ve got heaven flowing out of meI’m bringing heaven into this world :) Happy happy happy. Those reading my blog.. Remember to leave a prayer for me alright. Pray for my team and I in EA. Our safety, family, opportunities to witness, everything alright (: Maybe I’ll update before I officially leave (: 


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