Love, Life, Lord

T.U.T camp was great like I said life changing. I don’t want to keep things to myself but rather share it out with people who reads.

– Loving God is not a show/ competition
– Loving God is also not about winning His love
– God’s first commandment was to love Him. secondly to love our neighbours.

The speaker asked re you giving your 100% to God. loving Him with all your heart all your mind and with all your soul. Are you going church to give your 100% to God. It hit me hard enough. I go to church probably 80% or less but I’m very sure I was not 100% right there. Secondly after loving God is our neighbours. Do we love them enough as ourselves ? Jesus had also said Love your enemies. I’m sure it is hard, not that I don’t. I have been but no longer. Love them :)

2. Life

Do your life count for God ?

‘ Only one life – till it will soon be past
only what due for Christ will last ‘

Are we doing anything in our lives that will actually last for Christ. He gave life and it is an abundant life are we liviing it right ? Are we using the gifts and talents given us to do His work?


Matt7:21 – It is not all who called Lord Lord will come into the kingdom of heaven unless one does the will of the father.

Is He the Lord over your lives. I meant over your very own life, are you living the life that He is in control. The speaker said it is no longer whether you confess Him but whether HE confesses you. Will He open that door for you to come into the kingdom of Heaven.

But all this was important to me what more important that change my entire life was this game called UNDERGROUND CHURCH. I am a relatively very serious person. So i take things seriously though it was game. Everyone around was Christians in the midst of them there are prayer warriors and one of them is me. Every christian were to hide. Hide from the police who have came to capture the christians and persecute us. So suddenly the lights went out and the ‘police’ charged in. So everyone fled and we went into hiding. I hid in the toilet at first Locked. so in the toilet we prayed because we were prayer warriors. But soon after we got caught. I don’t know why at the torture place. I took it for real as if it was some terrorist or smth. They yelled at me will you renounce your faith. In normal conditions i would just utter a No softly. But I yelled with anger and love for God. No so loudly! They kept asking I yelled again and again. Fear was in me and tears came down. Of course they pour water and to all that was to be for me but that same question they keep asking. Will you renounce your faith you will be spared from all the sufferings. I said Never. Why was this of importance to me. Firstly, I told God in my life I’ll die for my Faith if I have to. This isn’t the first test. My second one. I was strike with fear but I know who I am in Christ. Another thing is that, this is a game. How about it when it is real life, at the back of my head I have been thinking if I really could endure it for Christ. But it taught me well. I will endure it all for Him for it is definitely worthy. Something I really want to hear what God say when I first meet Him is this. You good and faithful servant you have completed the race. That’s what I really want to hear from God when I meet Him one day. God has been so loving to me and that I just cant not share this with people who are reading. I want to live a life with God and also transform lives around me :)


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