Design & Create

New Header :) I like it :) Because it’s very cool, with the fonts which are handwritten kind. This time, I did it because I want my blog to feel homely and cool. With bright colours. Because this life of mine is full of colours . Well, this design didn’t take long because it was worked on the basis of pencil lines. so used lines and all. One fact about designs. It is formed from lines. Circles and all are like curved lines so Design literally came from lines don’t you think so ?

Design & Create are my hobbies. I don’t like to be same as others. I like custom stuff more than stuff everyone have outside. So literally branded goods like Guess and so on… I will never fancy because too common already, I like stuff that are different and limited.  That’s why Design and Create are my friends. Certainly these won’t be my friends if there isn’t God :) It was He who gave me the gifts. I am going to use them somehow, I don’t know but I know I will.

I’ve decided to apply for College to pursue design after graduation next year. There’s only one institute I want to go in that’s Raffles Design Institute.  God reminded me my copic markers can’t wait for a few more years. They will dry up by then so that’s one reason as I’ve totally forgot about them, it took a lot for them to appear in front of me as a gift from God :) As for missions and  a year of commitment serving God will be done after college I guess. Everyday our lives are a mission. I’m sure there’s still a lot of people around who have not heard about Jesus :)

I’m off! Will be attempting to do some scrapbooking today, I developed photos yesterday :)


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