I’m very surprised I actually I worked. Though it was tiring but I felt satisfied in what I did. I could actually help people. Well, at least I get past all these things. I wonder why I’m working. Did I pray for work ? God seemed to be opening doors for me to work. Like someone sms me to work and so I started. Another SMS came in like could you be a designer on standby when I need you to design something can you design. I was like HUH ? They asked me about rates. Then I was like ???? I wouldn’t know what. I’ve not even done such things before. My goodness. Bah. But I must give thanks to God, I felt so relax in work compared to yesterday. I guess it was good after all. :) Weekends are here! soon! Bah. my dearest DG mate my close friend is leaving for China for 5 months. I will miss her terribly. We are best at crapping. Absolutely I remember META. I MISS YOU SERENE! I know what she will reply. *Serene: I know!


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