gift of tears

Exams are over. But I never seemed to be happier or what. But last night I discovered the gift of tears God gave me. Someone ever told me in a retreat. You will go through heart rips. I knew what that meant immediately. Because I knew how it felt and feeling God’s heart, the pain. Last season for me was praying for countries. This season is different. It was so much harder. I felt hurt, painful from last week till now but thank God it didn’t affect my exams. Till last night, all was dug up all my pain. But I never understood the pain. My pain was gone yet there’s still a pain in my heart. I was wondering why is there such a pain. I’m fine already why was I so in pain that I could not stop crying. That moment the thought of praying came. Pray for people who is hurt just like I was at the moment. Finally understood, why I cry so much. But oh wells. After church and all today I left. I’m not involved in church anniversary this year because God knows me too well :) I wasn’t feeling so well but after which I went to Art Friend. That practically took me away from thinking too much. I bought a new A3 folio 20 pockets hee… Always wanted to get one. For my portfolio for design. Then I went for a workshop at the scrapbook shop. It was fun and happy :) Stamping my way through. Embossing and all. There was a question I asked myself are you ready to leave everything , church and friends for missions. I couldn’t give an answer. I guess I can only ask God to reveal what He wants me to do. I’m looking forward to the weekends. Church anniversary and sunday. Though there’s no service I want to do church visitation. Always wanted to do that. Heh. :)


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