I learnt dancing when I was 5 . I learnt ballet. At the point of time I didn’t like the exams. Though I loved dancing. Finally I stopped when I was 10. I was exposed to dance since really young. I remember mum and dad went dancing they laid a mat for me to sit down and look at all of the people dance. I danced while they were dancing. I was still very young yet I remember. It’s been 9 years I’ve actually stopped dancing. But in fact maybe not. When I was in teenage years. Before I was a Christian then. A confession I hang out with wrong ppl then at arcades. And I really loved to dance. So there’s the Para Para Revolution. Dumb right. I guess my parents never understood why I was so in loved with it. I really have no idea too. I tried to bury dance once more after I came to God. I stopped dancing. Though I loved dancing. But yesterday I got to play with this ribbon thing. I became like a kid. I used to dance with a scarf. But never a ribbon. I was happy playing and jumping around with it. In actual fact, it seemed that I’ve never left dancing. I still love to watch dance shows ice skating shows. But my favourite it’s gotta be Contemporary and Hip Hop. After yesterday I sat down in my room I told God. You dug out dance again. Since the day I started to the dance video. My life have changed. I have no idea why I did my design assignment on DANCE. I guess I was mad or something. I buried dance deep down in me pretending No, I’m not for dance I’m for design. I’m doing visuals and I will only do visuals. But no longer can dance supress and be buried inside. God has dug that out since day 1. I always loved dance studios. Probably because some people who are like me live in our world of the arts be it design or dance or whatever arts. That’s a unique thing isn’t it. But God is speaking a lot abt the arts. I believe God is going to use arts to transform his children, minister to broken hearts and even bring Healing. I truly have faith in that. God is a super duper uber CREATIVE GOD.

I’m sorry I did a major rant on the arts again. Cannot supress this emotions.


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