one conclusion

It seems that the art schools in the states are one of the best that I’ve seen so far. Get what I mean. I really want to study in a specific art school that focuses on art and design alone. Not inclusive of fashion, business and all the out of my area of study. I’ve found a few. But this school below look not bad. But as I packed my room I discovered the Raffles Design Institute Brochure. To me if I stay in Singapore to study, meant that school. Well maybe I should put this overseas school aside. Perhaps after I work, I can consider going back to studying again. I miss design. It’s kind of sad to finish the course in Nafa. It’s like a part of me gone. But God put BSF back in my life. Only after my design. I thank God for that. If not, I’ll be so so so busy. my final conclusion. Go where God leads. No point going overseas though you know it’s look really good but being in the centre of God’s will is definitely the safest place and the best place to be in. If it’s overseas school for me. God, you’ll provide a way. :)

Carlifornia College of the Arts


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