I so feel like de-sign

i so feel like doing DESIGN!!

it’s way better than being stuck with pages of words regarding business. At least I see colours when I’m designing. I get to go hunting for photos. this is driving me nuts. Just because of 2 papers. 1 down. 1 last one to go. But FREEDOM spells at 12.30 tml. Teach me what to do!!! Secondly I do not like COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT. It’s gets on my nerve, like why. Answers can be found on the slides but you just can’t find it. It’s hidden. How wonderful questions can be. BAH!!! I’ll blast off with design tml! HAPPY. OFF to mug!

I give thanks for my Training and Development Common Test. I remembered all the points. I’m quite sure I wont fail!! haha

I was thinking on the bus. Everything raising their prices. But one thing I realised. No matter how high the prices are we can never pay the price JESUS died for us. See how much He loves us. God is wonderful. what else to ask for when you have Jesus and God by your side. REJOICE!


One thought on “I so feel like de-sign

  1. Erika says:

    DARLING, i think we’ll do our COMP tomorrow and even if it doesnt happen as nicely as TD, at least we’ll know we tried. i think we toes need a group hug tomorrow!

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