bah. today, it’s tiring. I kept wanting to sleep when I’m mugging. that’s bad big time, I’m serious. sigh. let me tell you some stuff what’s going on with my business studies course. Basically I’ve got 2 common test next week. I’ve got no problem with going for Training and Development Common Test. But Compensation just wreck me totally. It drives me nuts. But oh well , I’llget through it some how. God help me with it.

DG today,was me Sharon and Joyce. We studied the article Soul Health. Really cool. Caring about my soul. Certainly, this week makes me feel distracted and disoriented. Kept losing focus on God, but I’m not insensitive. So I kept seeking after God. Yesterday night I couldn’t sleep well. In my dreams, I dreamt of Praying. You can wonder, what is happening to me. God spoke yesterday.I was spending time with God and guess what, I on Itunes on my laptop and a podcast appeared. it’s really cool you see. I opened the podcast.It’s about prayer and fasting.I promise I don’t remember downloading that podcast and I can’t figure how it appeared in my itunes. the podcast is about Prayer and Fasting. I tell you, I was right. Today DG one part of the article spoke about centering Prayer. My life is to be praying for my Family, Friends and Nations. That’s about it. That’s what God called me to do. So this morning. I asked God as I was so distressed over Prayer.I asked, how do you want me to Pray. He said. The 7 nations given you, pray for one country a day. Cycle goes on. I was like right. Fine. God is bringing me to Fasting too. I was reading Daniel one of the days of the week, the Podcast is abt fasting. Crusade is having prayer and fast week as well. Bah. I’m just ranting.

Most IMPORTANTLY! haha GSS! I got my GAP jacket. it’s like less than$50 when it’s suppose to be $59. Finally. the sweater that I adore. I realised anther fact today, I didn’t know the couple who visited our church as they stumbled upon p.kenny blogs are designers as well. How interesting.
Graphic Design certainly is cool don’t you think so :) i cant stand my stupid key board protector. it’s so hard to type now.

samsam made some noise again


2 thoughts on “crossroads

  1. sinyi says:

    Hahaha, I sent you the podcast quite some time ago I think. ;)

    Dear sis, it’s so good to have you journeying with me. Jiayou for your revision and your design assignments! Jesus is our source of hope and strength! Keeping you in my prayers!

  2. justwhack says:

    oh it’s you. I didn’t know. When did u send when did i receive. haha. yup. I miss you! Let’s hangout during the break!

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