Perplexity of Prayer

I’ve got an interesting day today. Well to start it off is a Industrial Relations Test at 11. It wasn’t much about the test. It was about travelling to school. Put it this way, I left my house at 9.50 around there, reach the interchange abt 9.55 for I caught a bus. I was happily waiting for 154 at that interchange. I was like oh, there’s quite a long queue. The bus is coming soon. Every second ticked by, the bus didn’t come. 10.10 started my worry. I know it takes about 40 mins to get to school on the journey till then the BUS have not arrived. So I was telling God about it. But I had no faith. I meant zero. well, I just told God let it come, if it doesn’t it’s ok. I said to myself. So it didn’t come. But God said, like you’ll get there on time. Like right. On time, no way. How to get there on time. When you only got on like 10.25. It stopped almost every other stop. I waited abt 30 minutes for a bus. I was worried my test at 11. No way, I’m going to make it. Eventually, immediately I got off the bus at  11.05, I ran to LT73A. Can you imagine. A poly student running mad for class. Seriously, think no one will ever do that. But me! I did it! It’s quite cool though as if I was a little girl again. But truly I felt like a young student for once. I made it to the test! When I was on the way, I msg Cheryl about that stupid bus. Then she msg me. Give thanks in all circumstances. God will make a way when there seems to be no way. Amazing. It comforted me. I remained calm all the way till school. Praise God. There’s a story God is teaching behind this.

I’m reading People in Prayer. God and Abraham. God want to destroy Sodom. God told Abraham about it. I probably felt what he felt. ‘ Lord how could you be like that!’ like why my Creator want to destroy and of course for me. Why isn’t the bus here, goodness I’m late for a test!! argh. That’s how I felt. Here’s another thing I learnt about Prayer. Don’t try to be false. when you’re feeling such a way. Our God can’t be fathom but in the midst of chaos and trouble. He reveals Himself more. I saw how God taught me, even times like this, he never leaves His children. my God is just way cool.


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