I didn’t know what to title this entry. But I came upon realisation of PRAYER. What does prayer really means. Prayer is a communication tool to God. It’s the phonecall to God. Do you make the phonecall to God when there’s problem or do you do it even when there’s something happy to tell him. I do both. I tell Him every single thing. When I’m annoyed with my Dad, when I had a fight with my sister, even friendship, or having met someone you’ve not met a long time, telling God how happy it is and whatever I feel of the day is all poured out to him. Because, probably there may not be someone who will really hear what you feel but He’s there 24/7. It’s probably something so close to my heart and I definitely not let anyone take Prayer away from me. All you reading this. Don’t take prayer for granted. It’s a gift from God. Don’t phonecall only when in need, do it daily. Even if you don’t like praying like me in the past. It all started from 5 mins. It’ll grow if your heart for prayer grows.


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