God’s Tears

Here’s my first post on my new blog. wordpress it’s good. I don’t have to fret over fitting the pictures in the way I want it to. It’s so much easier. Thank God for that. It also creates a better writing environment. But still I doubt it will work for me. I never check for spelling or grammar, can’t be bothered wit such things.

I titled this entry as God’s Tears. Why God’s tears. I believe everyone some point of their lives have cried be it during some touching movies, during ministries or someone hurt you so badly or probably you fell down when you’re young. I believe everyone cried before. But what I’m sure of is that God tears.

I was talking to God at the bus stop. I talk to him everywhere possible. I was praying over the world again. Then, as I prayed, I thought of God tearing for his people. For a thousand reasons, he tears. I remembered in my mission trip to Thailand, there was a period of time, tears flowed from my eyes non stop. I felt God’s heart hurt and he was tearing. As I saw the China tourists rejecting to take the bibles. I felt his hurt, I felt his pain like why do they not want these bibles, He says. I can’t say a single thing. I don’t know God, why they aren’t taking it. God tears also when we reject Him. When we sin and not turn to Him. He’ll be upset and tears. He’s just like everyone of us. He has feelings as well. When we said something we promised him and not do it. He feels painful and betrayed too.. Just like when someone promised you but yet failed to do so. We feel the same way of being betrayed. It hurts God. What more about the loss souls that left Him. He even more upset, because His precious children they go away from Him. How can a Father not be sad.

God don’t really tear when He’s only sad. But in joy as well. When He sees His children running back to Him. He shed tears in joy too :) When a child turn from their ways to His way. He tears.

I don’t know how God’s tears look like. But I believe it exsist. Of course can’t be seen physically but only in Heaven. I know God’s Heart crying out to the nations. Especially the middle east and Europe. 

Dear God, I pray for your tears be dropped from Heaven upon these nations in the middle east and Europe, send revival to these lands. It all belong to you. In Jesus name , Amen.

God’s Tears

Every tear he dropped

It’s  a desire in His heart

He loves and he longs for his people

His tears touch my heart

God’s compasssion runs deeps

That no one can ever fathom.


2 thoughts on “God’s Tears

  1. Mulvis Lim says:

    Hi:) i accientally saw ur blog while i was surfing net. and when i read this passage of urs…it sent tears running in my eyes too… Indeed its a blessing to feel what God’s is feeling… He is a loving God… He is great… He is worthy of allllll the praises.. Hallelujah! Lets continue to burn for Him ya ^^ We can alaways believe the power of prayer.Amen?

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